Do you know Somizi and Mohale’s Age Gap -find out more about the couple

First things first, Mohale (Somizi’s partner) is Bahumi’s age (Somizi daughter). Somizi is 43, while Mohale is 22.


Watch Somizi Proposing Mohale


When is Somizi Getting Married to Mohale

Well, what everybody knows at this stage is that the couple is getting married in 2018.

Sunday Sun reports that the deal is worth millions of rands and will give the channel rights to live broadcast the wedding ceremony. An informant told the paper that Somizi has signed a deal worth R3 million.

“Their wedding will be broadcast live on national tv. Mzansi Magic signed the deal with them because the channel knows SomGAGA will attract viewers.”

The ceremony was expected to happen in December, but no invitations have been sent out.

“But they haven’t sent invites because Mohale’s family still has issues about the relationship,” a source told the paper.

The couple went to Paris earlier this year and got engaged at the popular Eiffel Towers.

source: Sunday Sun (15 July 2018)

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