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As Cough Guy is trending, the meme began on September 22 when TikTok user Lauren Zarras uploaded a video of her self surprising her boyfriend at college, the scene had a relaxed vibe with music playing in the background.

Meanwhile, the video is going viral for all the wrong reasons. Rumors claim that the boyfriend Robbie’s reaction was less than enthusiastic, with some people going as far as to analyze the video in detail in an attempt to see any possible ‘red flags.’

The video has completely surely went viral around the world, with many even making their own parodies of the viral video. The original TikTok now has over 50 million views as people continue to discuss and critique about what the truth of the situation really is, see the original TikTok video below.


robbie had no idea

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As this becomes a big topit Lauren told viewers that she’s “not in denial,” and Robbie himself even made a video telling people not to be a “parasocial creep” and to “go get some fresh air”—however, users are unshaken and remain skeptical about it.

On October 3, the now ‘Couch Guy’ then went on to hit out at the backlash against him with a new video uploaded to his TikTok account, in which he asked if people “know what gaslighting means” after being accused of gaslighting both his girlfriend and viewers, see the video below.


Reply to @dontbesadalone I’m your host, #couchguy

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“Now he’s trying to gaslight all the watchers and gaslight them and the definition of gaslighting omg,” one comment with over 70,000 likes reads.

“This is the strangest damage control I’ve ever witnessed,” another wrote.

The view count of the original TikTok is showing no signs of slowing down sofar, and as the couple continues to respond to the situation, viewers are becoming more and more invested in it because that’s why this blog 🙂.

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