Gabriel Salazar tiktok

Gabriel Salazar Tik Tok

TikTok teenage sensation Gabriel Salazar and three passengers were killed in a car crash during a police chase on Sunday — and now authorities are unpacking this case.

Salazar was 19, and driving a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro around 1 a.m. when police attempted a traffic stop on US Highway 83 near La Pryor, Texas, the Zavala County Sheriff’s Office said.

The Texas Department of Public Safety told PEOPLE that “all three passengers were Mexican Nationals” that were Jose Luis Jimenez-Mora, 41, Jose Molina-Lara, 23, and Sergio Espinoza-Flores, 36.

Police said the incident began when a deputy overheard a call from the Crystal City Police Department initiating a traffic stop on Salazar’s car. The police officer then told deputies he was involved in an active pursuit with the vehicle, according to authorities.

The deputy assisted the officer in attempting to deploy a tire deflection device, but it was unsuccessful, the Zavala County Sheriff’s Office wrote on social media.

“The Chevrolet Camaro drove off the road, over-corrected, and traveled across the roadway, onto the west barrow ditch,” DPS said in a statement. “The vehicle struck some trees, rolled several times, and the vehicle caught fire.”

Salazar and the passengers died due to injuries from the crash.

“Gabriel loved his family and was always horsing around with [his] sister and little brother. He was always there with a big hug and smile, and his family will never forget those warm moments,” wrote organizer Chris Vasquez. “He was so funny with a quiet sense of humor and sarcasm. I cannot believe that I am sitting here writing this.”

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