lamborghini rear ended tiktok

tiktok car accident lamborghini

Over the weekend, a woman went viral for rear-ending a man’s Lamborghini and claiming it was his fault.

The woman then became a target of ridicule as the video shot gone viral, climbing to the top of Reddit’s PublicFreakout sub. People blasted her for attempting to flip the blame on the other driver, despite being shown in surveillance footage rear-ending his vehicle with her Audi sedan. But that was all before new footage emerged, complicating the story and partially exposing the woman trying to turn things around.

A clip shared to the same subreddit provides an earlier view of the two driver’s interactions. In less than 24 hours on the platform, the video has earned nearly 50,000 upvotes and dozens of comments. The video combines two TikToks from user @maddygilsoul1, who appears to be the woman featured in the original clip.


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