Mthande by musa lyrics in english

Lyrics (in Zulu)

Umbambe ngesandla
Umbheke emehlweni njalo
Umtjel’ uyamthanda
Uzambon’ emoyizela

Mthande, mthande umuntu wakho x2
Mncome, mncome umuntu wakho x2

Ubombamba ngesandla
Umbhek’ emehlweni
Umncome njalo
Umtjel’ izmadzadza

[chorus] x2

Umcharme njalo, umspoile njalo
Umtjele njalo’ ukuth’ uyamthanda
Umcharme njalo, umspoile njal

Mthande by musa lyrics in english

Hold her hand
Stare into her eyes
Tell her you love her
You will see her blushing

Love her, love your person x2
Compliment her, compliment your girl

You should hold her hand
Look into her eyes
Compliment her all the time
Tell her she is beautiful


charm her always, spoil her all the time
Always tell her you love her
Never stop charming and spoiling her

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