Walk Upon the Water Lyrics, song and Video by Benjamin Dube and Zinzi


I’m tired and wounded
And my soul needs rest
But I hear You calling
I see You stretching out Your hands (Repeat)

Jesus, let me walk upon the water
I just wanna trust You Lord
Take my hand, Lord, take my hand
Let me walk upon the water (Repeat)

Response: Don’t let me slip away
Don’t let me slip away
Lord please
Say I’m tired of all
‘Cause I trust You Lord
Lord please, I trust You, nobody else
Say I’m tired of rejection
‘Cause I trust You Lord x3
With my whole life, I trust You Lord

Response: Refrain
Say I’m tired of failing
I cannot do it on my own
Lord, please do not let me go
Let me walk upon the water

Repeat: Walk upon the water
If it’s in the office, you’ve gotta walk
If it’s your healing,
If it’s your family
I’m singing in Carnival City
You’ve gotta walk upon the water

Repeat: Walk upon the water
Everybody walk upon the water
You don’t have to look down, look up!
Do as Peter did, and look to Jesus
You’re gonna make it
Walk on, I say walk on

Repeat: Walk upon the water
Don’t look down, you’ve gotta fix your eyes on Him
Don’t look down, You’ve gotta step out of your comfort zone
If You want it You got it x3
You got it in the Name of Jesus x3
Walk on x?

Repeat: Walk upon the water
He can do anything, exceedingly abundantly
If God said it, I know I can do it
I’m walking upon the water
Jesus is going to hold my hands x3
I can do it, I can do it, I can do it

Repeat: Walk upon the water
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I don’t have to fear no evil

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